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NERVO collaboration embodies FIVB’s vision for sport


Lausanne, Switzerland, July 12, 2018 – Superstar DJs NERVO believe that the Volleyball Nations League’s (VNL) efforts to engage the fans in fresh ways demonstrates the evolution of the sport.

The Grammy Award-winning duo, Mim and Liv Nervo, are the most successful female DJs in the world, having written and produced some of the biggest club tracks in recent years. As part of their collaboration with the FIVB, NERVO created the song “Worlds Collide”, which has become the anthem for the VNL. NERVO also performed at both the Women's VNL and Men’s Finals in Lille, France, as well as in Ottawa, Canada during one of the Preliminary Rounds, entertaining the crowds with their infectious charisma.

Speaking at the VNL Finals in Lille, NERVO talked about the importance of innovation in making the fans a part of the sport.

“The game is powerful, fast, exciting – it’s amazing how the game can change in any moment. We’ve been everywhere with volleyball now, and the way that it’s broadcast on the TV, the new camera angles, like with the umpire having a camera on his head, it’s just very engaging and exciting. We’ve got really into it!

“The fusion of music and sport is great. Music pumping between each point, integrating the entertainment and we have seen that it works in volleyball. It’s interactive and a lot of fun – people love to get involved. When the arena is full and the speakers are up, it is an atmosphere you can feel in your belly!”

The FIVB has been working hard to ensure that fan experience and engagement is at the heart of all its events, by utilising courtside DJs, volleyball-specific dance actions and interactive games and giveaways during technical timeouts. The collaboration was another first for the FIVB and NERVO were proud to represent a sport with equal opportunities for men and women.

“One of the reasons that the VNL is so good is because it’s equal in terms of the sexes. The FIVB are very pro-power for women and I think that’s why they liked us, but you’ll have to ask them that! This experience has been so different and fun – we can get on the mic and talk. The creative team behind the FIVB have been super cool in creating the whole campaign.”

“This is the start of getting younger fans involved in volleyball,” continued NERVO. “As an international sport, volleyball can touch all countries. The entertainment aspect of it is really exciting, it’s next level and I can see it catching on all over the world. We hope we’re involved for as long as they’ll have us!”

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