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COVID-19 Regulations: LINK (updated on 29/06)

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Travel Restriction Update (03.06.2021)

Swiss entry regulations must be checked by each individual before the event. Special conditions apply for some specific countries. Therefore, regular entry regulations will apply when entering Switzerland. Please check the link below for more information on quarantine.

Entering Switzerland (


Before Travelling - Entry Requirements

1. Check if you need an official invitation letter for visa purpose. If visa is needed, please send your application to with and in copy, no later than 15th June 2021 with the following documents:

•  Good quality passport copy

•  Booked flight

2. Should you require any assistance for the Invitation Letter request, please contact and with your questions.

3. Player/National Federation are responsible for Visa requirement! If above forms are not submitted by above mentioned dates, the local organizer may not guarantee your entry to Switzerland before the competition period.

4. Present a certificate of a PCR COVID-19 negative test result, carried out in the last 72 hours before your arrival in Switzerland, must be presented.

5. The Swiss authorities require that an entry form must be filled and presented upon arrival. Find entry form in the following link: Entry form (

(Exept for people who are vaccinated and the last vaccination was less than 6 months ago as well as people who have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 6 months do not need to fill out the entry form)


Quarantine exemption

1. For teams coming from countries listed under “1. Countries” (LINK)

•  Teams coming from countries listed under “1. Countries” can be made exempt from quarantine with an official invitation letter.

o Please individually fill out the template (link TBA) with your information and carry the document on you when traveling.

o The application for exemption does not have to be forwarded to the canton but must be submitted to the organizer at the accreditation (together with the PCR test result).

•  Please note: If you are fully vaccinated and the last vaccination was less than six months ago OR you have had Covid-19 and recovered you are already exempt from quarantine and the entry form.

2.  For teams coming from countries listed under “2. Countries with a worrying variant” (Link)

•   Teams coming from countries listed under “2. Countries with a worrying variant” must quarantine for 10 days when entering Switzerland. This currently affects Brazil, Canada, India, Nepal, South Africa and the United Kingdom (31.05.2021).

•   Those teams can enter Switzerland from non-risk countries as long as they have not spent time in a country listed under “2.Countries” within the last ten days.

•   The list gets updated every 14 days



Closest airport: Geneva or Bern - Belp

Distance from airport to venue:140 km from Geneva, 60 km from Bern - Belp 

Transport from airport to venue: Shuttle Service operates between the airport of Geneva, Bern, Basel and Zurich and the Main Draw Hotel. Free shuttle service for Main Draw Players only.


Hospitality Package: