Facundo Conte

Facundo Conte led Argentina to bronze at the recently completed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, scoring 125 points in the process. It was the second medal of that colour for his country after his father helped the team to another bronze medal finish at the Seoul 1988 Olympics.


Facundo Conte belongs to a generation of Argentinean volleyball athletes, also including the likes of Nicolas Uriarte, Jan Martinez Franchi and Rodrigo Quiroga, whose relatives were members of the bronze-medal winning team at the 1988 Olympics.

And in Tokyo, the question at hand before the start of the Games was whether Conte, who also played at London 2012 and Rio 2016, could match or surpass his father’s 33-year-old achievement.


For the younger Conte, however, it was easier said than done. But he embraced his role and made his father and countrymen proud.

“We showed how proud we were to wear our flag on our jersey and represent our country at the Olympic Games," he said. "I’ve been dreaming of living this moment since I was two years old, and I am happy to share this moment with my father and my country.”

I cannot believe this is happening, especially in a year when it is so difficult to get that connection with people. But with my dad, just by looking at each other’s eyes, we know that there will always be that strong connection of love, excellence and faith. Facundo Conte

Moments after Argentina’s bronze medal win against Brazil, Hugo Conte rushed from the mixed zone to share an emotional embrace with his son.

The younger Conte recognised the link between the victory and his father’s past successes, but focused on his teammates' achievements.

“We recognise those past achievements, but we also looked after our own results. We really prepared for this. My teammates and I carved our own path for this victory, and I am just happy that we are able win our own bronze.”