Useful Information

COVID-19 Information

The health and safety of players, coaches, officials and fans remain the top of the FIVB & CEV priority and to achieve this goal, a number of documents have been developed including the CEV Competitions Hygiene Guidelines and the CEV Hygiene Guidelines – Beach Volleyball Specifications, as well as FIVB guidelines.  These documents are complementing each other and should be both carefully followed for a proper event delivery.

Further to above, it is important for all participants to study the below points carefully

Covid-19 test certificate

Please take note that all Athletes & accredited delegation members must have a printed negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate issued prior to their travel yet no later than 72 hours before the respective Preliminary Inquiry they attend.

Travel Restrictions (constantly updated)

The information regarding travel restrictions to Ukraine is available in the following link:

Specific Hygiene Protocols Implemented at the event

An Event Specific Hygiene Guidelines document has been developed and is added as an annex to the Event Regulations. This should be carefully reviewed and properly applied by all participants before, during and after the entire process in line with the respective requirements and recommendations applied by the National Authorities and the competition amended protocols.

Waiver document

A Waiver document is added as an annex to the Event Regulations which should be signed by all Team Delegation Members and provided during the Preliminary Inquiry.

Withdrawal due to Travel Restrictions

Considering the changing environment and the constantly updating travel restrictions imposed by National Authorities across the world, the FIVB and CEV have decided to waive any sanctions to withdrawals due to such restrictions up to the last minute withdrawal stage of the competition.

World Ranking Points

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the FIVB Ranking System had been frozen since 16th March 2020 and has been reopened following the World Tour 4-star event in Qatar on 8-12 March 2021. 

In addition it was decided that once the FIVB Ranking system reopens, the calculation date window will be extended from 365 days to 365 + number of days that the ranking has been frozen, while the respective methodology for entry and seeding points will remain as per the Sports Regulations.

The awarding of the FIVB World Ranking points will be applied for this event as per the Sports Regulations, in case a fair access to all eligible and registered to participate athletes is ensured and will be confirmed after the issuing of the confirmed lists.