The tournament consists of 20 teams, of which there will be 4 Host Country Wild Card teams, 4 teams through International Wild Cards and 12 teams through the Open Registration pathway.

These 4 Host Country teams will be announced approximately 1 week prior to the event.

These 4Host Country teams are not obliged to register via the FIVB VIS system but will be determined by the organization.

Given the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, several teams currently have travel difficulties. Therefore, Sportworx has the right to decide in a later stage whether they will add four extra teams to the list of participations. In the end this will come to 24 teams instead of 20 teams in total. 

Because of the travel restrictions, we made the decision to eliminate the qualification and increase the main draw.

Events Regulation

King of the Court:  

  • 4 Host Country Wild Cards 
  • Max 4 International Wild Cards 
  • 12 teams from the Open Registration




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