Useful Information

Event Title: Beach Volleyball Baden Open presented by Sport.Land. Nö


Date: 20 - 23 August 2020

Host City: Baden (AUT)

Venue: Strandbad Baden

Stadium Capacity: No stadium, due to Covid-19 restrictions, a max of 200 vitisors will be authorized

Airport: Schwechat / Vienna

Distance from airport to venue: 38,5 km - 30min by bus


Prize Money: 5000 EUR per gender

Participating Teams: Main Draw of 16 teams in each gender plus Qualification Tournament (max. 16 teams)


Important Notes at the Challenging Times of COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on Beach Volleyball. In addition, movement and travel restrictions imposed by governments have resulted in the suspension of the World Tour Calendar.


Recently since the restrictions are gradually relaxed in some part of the world by the government, it is possible to organise sporting competition again and efforts have been made by respective National Federations and event organisers in order to find a safe way to restart the beach volleyball season in accordance with the guidance of medical experts, government and public health authorities. Due to the risks associated with COVID-19, this is a slow and careful process that requires well planning.


The health and safety of athletes, coaches, officials and fans remain the top FIVB and CEV priority, and both parties are working on developing guidelines for beach volleyball competition restart that will be shared to all interested parties at a later stage.


Further to above, it is important for all participants to study the below points carefully:


Travel Restrictions (constantly updated)

The Austrian government allows a list of nationalities to enter the country without restrictions. Information available under the following link:

The regulation applies only to persons who are resident in the listed countries or are Austrian citizens. It is also a condition that you have not been in any other country than Austria or these European countries in the last 14 days.


Current regulations can be found at:


Other Medical Requirement by the Government (constantly updated)

National institute of Public Health:

Ministry of Health:

Considering the changing environment and the constantly updating travel restrictions imposed by National Authorities across the world, the FIVB and CEV have decided to waive any sanctions to withdrawals due to such restrictions up to the last minute withdrawal stage of the competition (5 days before the start date of the 2020 World Tour).

Specific Hygiene Protocols Implemented at the event

A set of Event Specific Hygiene Protocols are attached in BVB06 Events Regulation as an Appendix to this document and should be carefully reviewed and properly applied by all participants before, during and after the competition.


Covid-19 test certificate

Please take note that each team delegation shall provide during the Preliminary Inquiry a negative Covid-19 test certificate issued no later than 3 days before the start of the competition/match. Please read carefully the section 2.2 for more details.


World Ranking Points

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the FIVB Ranking System has been frozen since 16th March 2020 to ensure a fair entry points calculation and consistent Olympic Qualification process. It will be activated once the World Tour will officially resume, offering fair access to all eligible participating athletes to respective event.


Consequently, as of the date when the current version is published, no FIVB World Ranking points will be allocated to the concerned event and therefore it won’t impact Entry points calculation for further events. However, the concerned event still counts towards eligibility criteria as one of 12 finishes should the quota place obtained through Continental Cup Finals for Tokyo Olympic Games. Any change will be properly communicated to all parties through updated version of this document.