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Coronavirus Update



As of 16th March 2020 (09:00 Swiss time)

1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases: 30; cases of Death:  0


All sporting events have been canceled and all schools closed until 14th of April for now.

Most of the people are working from home, including the National Volleyball Association of Latvia.


2.       Travel Restrictions

From March 17th anyone entering the country must spent 2 weeks self-quarantining regardless if they have symptoms or not.

At midnight (today March 16th) borders will be closed, no flight, no international passenger transportation only freight transportation.





As of 11th March 2020 (13:00 Swiss time)


1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases:  10; cases of Death:  0       

As of now, there is no ban on the public gathering and the sporting events in Latvia.


2.       Travel Restrictions

There is no travel restriction coming to Latvia, however, the flights coming from the most affected areas are being monitored.

Additional health examination (fever check, blood test) might be required for visitors who are travelling from Italy, China, South Korea, Iran, Japan and Singapore. For the moment they don’t have quarantine.


3.       Contact

Tournament Director: Kaspars TIMERMANIS

Phone: +371 29144010



Volleyball Latvia CEO: Janis BUKS

Phone: +371 67 87 6317










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