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Coronavirus Update:

As of 11th March 2020 (13:00pm) :

1.       Current condition

Current confirmed cases:  34 cases      Death:  0

As of now according to the information provided by its local authorities, there is no ban on the public gathering and the sporting events in Brazil.

The Brazilian President reinforced the information that there is no such thing for panic as situation is under control.


2.       Travel Restrictions

There is no travel restriction coming to Brazil, however, the flights coming from the most affected areas are being monitored. People identified with symptoms in the airport might be put directly on quarantine after screening in airport takes place.

All detail and reference, please refer to following links:


3.       Contact

Tournament Director:

Contact: José Virgilio Lima Pires

Tel: +55 21 2114-7200

Mobile: +55 21 9 9424-0655



Contact: Pedro Paladino

Mobile: +55 21 99443-8853


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