Volleyball Olympic Qualifying Tournament - News


Thailand’s Chatchu-On Moksri is answering the challenge with a positive and collective approach to fight for Thailand’s long-cherished dream and aspiration of making it to the Olympic Games.

“Let’s fight! We can do it,” Chatchu-on exclaimed.

As a kid, she did not know the magnitude of competing in the Olympic Games, but since setting foot in the national team, she has heard about it more often. The more she got immersed in the idea of what Thailand’s future should be like, the more focus she gave on accomplishing that goal, slowly but surely.

“Since joining the national team I haven’t been very familiar with the team at first. But once I started training and being with the senior players, I heard a lot about the Olympics, Olympics, Olympics,” she narrated.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t understand what the Olympics were and why they were important, but as I trained with the senior players, it became like an immersion and the Olympics seemed like a dream match that everyone on the team aspired to. So, I thought that once in my life, I would like to play volleyball at my best and go to the Olympics.”


The 23-year-old knows that to reach that stage, they have to clear every obstacle. A solid squad with outstanding teamwork is key to jumping hurdle after hurdle is required for the ability to get through the entire race. And after the VNL, they have to reach their biggest challenge this year at the Paris qualifiers.

“In the VNL it was as if we had a chance to test ourselves, to practice with several teams from different countries. The VNL period was a time for us to learn from our mistakes, but during the Olympic qualifiers we have to get serious and really push ourselves,” the outside hitter said.

“We have to give it our best and we have to rely on teamwork to fight. Every team in our group is tough and challenging. I think anything can happen in a round ball game.”


Having played in various professional leagues across the world, including the Turkish League, gives Chatchu-On a good perspective on how to play against bigger opponents.

“I had the opportunity to play in Türkiye. It was fun and a new challenge in my life that helped me gain new experiences. The lessons and new knowledge allowed me to improve on my skills in playing against bigger blocks,” she said.

The experience there made her one of the toughest competitors from the three-metre line and certainly will make Thailand a top contender at the Paris qualification tournament in Lodz from September 16-24.

Thailand will be contending with four VNL quarterfinalists, including Italy, United States, Germany and hosts and bronze medalists Poland. They are also grouped their Asian rivals Korea, as well as Colombia and Slovenia.


Positivity is in every inch of her being and celebrating each part of the experience is what counts most in achieving success.

“On the days we lose, we discuss among the team that we did our best under those circumstances. But even though the result is a loss, we should move on,” Chatchu-on mentioned.

“Celebrating? Actually, we celebrate every day, regardless of whether we lose or win."

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