Bethania De La Cruz (DOM)

Bethania de la Cruz features on the 'Over 30' list of the VNL and jointly holds the record of most aces in a single match.

The Dominican Republic has inflicted more damage to the traditional volleyball powerhouses of the world than any other 'outsider' across the years.

In the VNL they ranked a poor 14th in the inaugural edition of 2018, but rose magnificently to 8th in 2019 - just short of making the Final Six.

Brayelin Martinez (with two entries) and Bethania de la Cruz (with one) are the only two Dominican players to feature on the list of players who have scored 30 points or more in a single VNL match.

De la Cruz also jointly holds the VNL record of most aces served in a single match, with 7 against Japan from 2019.