Ran Takahashi (JPN)

New Kioene Padova recruit Ran Takahashi's first words following his transfer were that he is "ready for the new challenge".

“Padova have several young players. I think it's great to work in an environment like the one at Kioene, because we can draw inspiration from each other and always bring out the best in us," he said. "My will is to adapt quickly to the Italian championship, to the power and speed of the game that characterize the SuperLega. I hope to be able to do that as soon as possible and make my contribution to the team's victories."

"Do I already know any teammates? Of course, I had the pleasure of meeting Mattia Bottolo and Jan Zimmermann during the last VNL. We spoke on Instagram and they welcomed me. I can't wait to see them in person, as well as the other guys and our coach."

"The strengths of my game at the moment are in reception and pipe attacks. But for the level of play in Italy, I will certainly have to improve on those aspects of my game too."

The team's new Japanese outside hitter will soon be able to meet his idol. "I am inspired by Matthew Anderson," added Takahashi. "He is a unique volleyball player who I follow whenever I can. I study a lot to become a better player so when we face Perugia it will be an even more special challenge for me."