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Kochi Blue Spikers star Eduardo Romay of Peru

Peru volleyball star Eduardo Romay, one of Kochi Blue Spikers’ two foreign players in this year's edition of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23, is one of the international players to look out for in this year's edition of the competition, which takes place from February 4 to March 5.

The Kochi Blue Spikers play their first match in the league on Tuesday, when they take on Chennai Blitz in Bengaluru at 19:00 local time (14:30 GMT).

In a candid conversation with Sportstar The Hindu, the 27-year-old spoke about the league’s unique point system, which is based on 15-point sets instead of the traditional 25-point sets.

“That (the 15-point system) will be my first time, but we are mentally ready in the theory part of it,” said the 27-year-old.

Kochi Blue Spikers coach ST Harilal agreed with his player. “We have to change the entire training system and see that the players are mentally prepared for the new situation. We cannot have a slow game like we normally do because matches get over fast in this format,” he said.

The Spikers coach also acknowledged that ‘luck’ could help his team accrue Super Points in Season 2.

The so called Super Point is one of the key innovations to the rules of the game to be applied in the Prime Volleyball League. Once in every set, each team has the opportunity to call a Super Point, which offers them the chance to double their points. However, if that team loses the rally, the opponents win two points. To use a Super Point, teams must call it before they reach 11 points in the set.

“The team is better than last year. We hope to do well, but luck plays a big part in Super Points,” Harilal added. “The game is just about nine points; after that, the Super Points play a big role.”

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