Athletes, guests, organisers, hosts, dancers, singers, journalists, volunteers and TV viewers joined together to become part of the spectacular Drawing of Lots event in Moscow for the 2022 FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship, that determined the fate of the 24 participating teams at next year’s flagship competition.

The 60 minutes of the live show on federal television channel ‘Match TV’ included the official Drawing of Lots procedure, performances by dancers, gymnasts, and duet #2Mashi.

In total, 50 people and the official mascot of the World Championship - Tigrosha - participated in activities on the stage during the evening.

Over 500,000 people watched the ceremony live on ‘Match TV’, and over 114,000 people watched it on the Volleyball World YouTube channel.


During the Drawing of Lots ceremony, 24 national teams found out in which of 6 groups and 10 host cities they will play in.

The show had two hosts – Russian theater and film actor Yuri Kolokolnikov and American volleyball player and German ‘The Voice’ show participant, Norisha Campbell.


The Drawing of Lots ceremony also featured 20 dancers, whose performance was staged by the famous choreographer and participant of the ‘Dancing on TNT’ show, Dmitry Maslennikov. Thirteen young gymnasts were students of the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Center.

The guests of the Drawing of Lots received about 200 invitations both in electronic and printed form.


The ceremony was attended by reporters, cameramen and photographers who represented TV channels, print and online media in Moscow and other regions of Russia. Over 1000 reports related to the Drawing of Lots were filed.

The Drawing of Lots ceremony was a part of the global 'Volleyball. It's Electrifying' World Championship campaign. As many as 600 kinetic balls, 350 lighting devices and 6 smoke generators were used to bring the campaign to life.

For the decoration of the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace, where the ceremony took place, 250 square meters of fabric, 600 square meters of tape, as well as 150 square meters of vinyl banners were used.


Some 300 GB of content was specially prepared for the Drawing of Lots, and it was broadcast on 500 square meters of screens located not only on the stage, but everywhere in the Palace.

The guests of the ceremony were offered snacks and drinks in the format of a buffet. For this, the chefs prepared 7300 canapes and 1300 desserts.

About 100 employees of the World Championship Organising Committee did their best to make the Drawing of Lots bright and memorable. On average, each member of the Organising Committee took 30,000 steps the day before the Drawing of Lots, and on the actual day, September 30 – about 35,000 steps!

Such a grand event could not take place without the help of volunteers.

The 90 volunteers involved in the work at the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace underwent full training, and on the day of the event helped the Organisers until late in the evening to run the best Drawing of Lots ceremony in volleyball.

In total, the volunteers compiled 1,370 work hours.


At the end of the ceremony, 10% of tickets for the opening match of the World Championship between the teams of VFR (Volleyball Federation of Russia) and Tunisia were made available for sale. And all tickets were sold out in 20 minutes!