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One of the world’s leading Customer Data Platforms, Segment helps over 20,000 companies make real-time decisions, accelerate growth and deliver compelling user experiences. Segment provides its clients with a unified view of their own customer data across every channel, helping them to innovate on the customer experience faster, building trusted relationships with their customers while putting their privacy first.

Volleyball World brought in Segment to integrate multiple data sources into a single Customer Data Platform and manage its data across all of its products and channels. It chose to deploy Segment because of its focus on customer value, as well as its capabilities and functionality.

In doing so, it was able to:

• Drive a 400% increase in revenue in 2021 from one key event on its OTT channel.

• Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by more than 50% and deliver ROI of more than 531% on all ad spend.

• Collect and aggregate customer data across all touchpoints into a single pane-of-glass view to build a deep understanding of its customers.

Segment has enabled us to integrate and activate our customer data, and to develop a much deeper understanding of our customers. We’re creating an integrated ecosystem which allows us to own the fan relationship and achieve our ambition of growing our sport around the world. Volleyball World Head of Digital Motasem El-Bawab

By deploying Segment, Volleyball World has not only been able to collect and manage its customer data in a single platform, it has also been able to activate this data to drive significant improvements in campaign performance.

On the back of these results, Volleyball World is now looking to extend its use of Segment beyond customer acquisition and engagement. Using Segment Personas, it will be able to provide personalised experiences for fans, based on their previous behaviours and interactions, and their favourite teams and players. This is expected to lead to significant improvements in customer retention and lifetime value (LTV).

What’s next? Volleyball World plans to launch new digital products such as an ecommerce channel and e-ticketing solution. With Segment in place, it will be able to cross promote these new offerings and target customers with personalised incentives to build value and drive bottom line growth.

Volleyball World is a new partnership between the FIVB and CVC Capital Partners aimed at driving growth, innovation, and investment in volleyball around the globe. Volleyball World’s goal is to create an integrated ecosystem connecting all volleyball stakeholders (fans, athletes, corporate partners) together through both digital and live events.

Volleyball is the fourth most popular sport globally, with more than 800 million fans and high participation across the world.