The period right after the Olympics is known as a key moment for partnership changes and the first move after the Tokyo Games came in Brazil. After finishing fifth in Japan, Ana Patricia Ramos and Rebecca Cavalcanti have announced they will not remain as partners going forward.

The pair played in their first Olympics in Tokyo and had been together since 2017. They competed in 24 World Tour events as a team, winning three gold, three silver and four bronze medals in the period. They also triumphed in the 2019-2020 season of the Brazilian Tour.

“When we first became partners, the goal was to compete at the Olympics,” Rebecca said. “We accomplished a lot more than that and end our team knowing that winning or losing, we left all we had on the court every time we played. I’m very grateful for all we’ve done together and we wish each other the best in our new journeys.”

Rebecca, 28, and Ana Patricia, 23, have not announced their next partners yet, but a decision should be made ahead of the start of the 2021-2022 Brazilian Tour season, which will begin on September 21 in Rio de Janeiro.

“It’s awesome to look back and see that we hit our goals and managed to maintain the partnership until when we initially planned,” Ana Patricia added. “I’ve learned so much in these years and the experience I had with Rebecca will be the foundation for anything I do in the future. To be an Olympian at the age of 23 was unbelievable and I’ll work hard to be back in the Games in three years.”