One of the most exciting teams to watch in international beach volleyball, Italians Enrico Rossi and Adrian Carambula, aka Mr. Skyball, will add their touch of magic to the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour starting in March.

Carambula, who has played alongside Rossi since the start of 2019, is of course known for his skyball serves. Standing parallel to the service line, the left-handed player fires the ball spinning high into the sky towards his opponents’ side, while using the conditions on the court to maximum effect.

“The most important thing with the serve is to not tense up, to keep your body loose, keep your hands loose and just hit it up,” says Carambula. “I think it is part of my game because it is different, and people don’t train against it. It is a movement that comes naturally to me. I feel the wind and then I let the ball and my arm do what comes naturally. It is not something I learned, it is something that came to me naturally.”

Since the end of last year, Rossi and Carambula have been coached by Ricardo Santos. It will be fascinating to see what impact the Brazilian legend (a four-time Olympian and three-time Olympic medallist) has on the team.

In the money time of the race for Olympic spots last year, the Italian team snatched a fifth place at the first Cancun tournament, followed by three semifinals in a row at the next three World Tour 4-star events, and that eventually got them to Tokyo. The pair will be looking to build on that momentum as they move into 2022.