Host City

Gondomar, Portugal


Gondomar is situated in the northern part of Portugal, part of Greater Porto, named after Visigothic King Gundemar who reigned from 610 to 612 AD, but according to findings tracing its deepest roots back to prehistory.

The Douro River, which passes through Gondomar, is a major attraction for visitors who frequent its uniquely landscaped riverside beaches. Gondomar remains a centre for the preservation of traditional arts of working with filigree and wood carving, but is also well known for its activities in jewelry.

The municipality of Gondomar has a population of about 170,000. It is one of 17 municipalities forming the Porto Metropolitan Area and is 7 kilometres from downtown Porto.


Venue: Multiusos de Gondomar 

Address: Av. Multiusos, 4420-230 S. Cosme, Portugal

Capacity: 8400