Q&A with USA’s Lauren Gibbemeyer


Lausanne, Switzerland, March 7, 2019 – Middle blocker Lauren Gibbemeyer took some time out to talk to about her passions and being a key player for Team USA.

Gibbemeyer always had a passion for animals and wanted to become a veterinarian when she was young, then her path shifted and she has become one of the most competitive middle blockers in the world.

She played a vital role in USA’s successful campaign at the first edition of the VNL, but her support to the team will be even more valuable as they aim for a title defence.

How did you cope with the busy VNL schedule last year?
Lauren Gibbemeyer: Winning the first VNL was a great accomplishment for our team especially with the travel schedule. We did our best to cope with the travel by keeping a positive attitude, playing games and staying united as a group. I feel that I was able to give my team experience and energy to help lead us to success.

How is your club season going so far?
Lauren Gibbemeyer: I am proud to represent a club like Eczacibasi Istanbul and to play alongside so many great players. I really enjoy the high level practices we have every day and experiencing a brand new culture after playing many years in Italy. I believe that surrounding yourself with great people and players can only help you improve as a person and player.

How would you describe your role at Eczacibasi VitrA istanbul?
Lauren Gibbemeyer: My role on the team is to be ready to contribute at any moment. Due to the foreigner rule in the Turkish league, the starting six players change regularly. I am expected to play in Champions League matches but everyone must be ready to give their best and help each other in any way they can.

How do you enjoy your free time?
Lauren Gibbemeyer: We have double days almost every day so I do not have much free time. I try to catch up on sleep whenever I can!

If you were to create your own Dream Team, who are the players - past or present - you would like to play with?
Lauren Gibbemeyer: My Dream Team would be:

Outside Spikers (2): Jordan Larson and Natalia Pereira

Setter (1): Carli Lloyd

Middle Blocker (1): Christa Harmotto Dietzen

Opposite (1): Tijana Boskovic

Libero (1): Monica De Gennaro

What are your expectations for the next edition of the Volleyball Nations League?

Lauren Gibbemeyer: I will join the national team as soon as I finish with my club team. If we make the Champions League finals, then I will have only three days before VNL starts.

I expect that the 2019 VNL will be another challenging tournament with lots of travel and exciting matches. People can expect that I will always give a lot of energy and passion when I step onto the court.

What do you want to accomplish after you finish your volleyball career?
Lauren Gibbemeyer: When I finish my volleyball career, I would love to continue working in something I am passionate about whether that be with animals, health or nutrition. As a child, my two biggest passions were animals and sports. I was always competitive which is why I think I was successful in sports. I got to be where I am today due to my determination, sacrifice and hard work.

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