Solhaug/Tomter and Lokken/Henriksveen celebrate entry into Oslo main draw

Oslo, Norway, August 28, 2019 – Svein Oddmund Solhaug/Jonas Tomter and Vegard Lokken/Erlend Hendriksveen sent their home fans into a frenzy as they celebrated their entry into the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Oslo 1-star with triumphant performances in the qualification round on Wednesday.

Solhaug and Tomter made short work of England’s Harry Jones and Jonathan Drysdale-Anderson 2-0 (21-13, 21-11) to enter the main draw, after the latter earned a 2-0 (21-17, 21-10) win against Canada in the first round.

Lokken and Hendriksveen also routed their English opponents Sam Walrond and Sam Dunbavin in their second round matchup 2-0 (21-11, 21-8) to advance to the next round, where four other Norwegian pairs are already included in the draw.

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Finland’s Pekka Piippo and Pyry Topio and Austria’s Georg Kostler and Marian Klaffinger have also secured their spots in the next round, following their respective wins against Norwegian pairs Jorn Olav Gamlemoen/Christian Helland and Stian Opsahl/Christian Jorgensen Ruud.

Piippo/Topio edged Gamlemoen/Helland in a tiebreaker 2-1 (21-12, 19-21, 15-5), while Kostler/Klaffinger beat Opsahl/Ruud 2-0 (21-15, 21-19).


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