Beach U21 World Championships 2023 - News


German pair Elea Beutel & Clara Dreßen endured a three-set match in the qualification round of the FIVB Beach Volleyball U21 World Championships in Roi-Et under scorching weather conditions.

The duo came up with a blazing and brilliant 2-1 (26-24, 11-21, 16-14) down-to-the-wire finish against Spain’s Sofia Izuzquiza and Daniela Abreu on Tuesday morning.

Izuzquiza, who claimed two continental age-group medals, brought her experience on centre court, but the Spanish pair were not able to hold off the Germans, who were much more composed and cohesive on offence in the final stretch.


The German tandem is taking cue from their predecessors, pulling a page or two in overcoming tough opponents in difficult situations.

“There are many great players in Germany, but we do not have any particular player that we idolize. We are looking up to all of them, actually. And they are the best,” Dreßen said.

“Sometimes we train with them in Hamburg. We are too young and we try to rise up and play with them. Maybe the next goal is to train in Hamburg and be in the Olympic Games. We want to play in the World Tour, but first, I have to finish school,” Beutel said with a smile.

Beutel and Dreßen are one of the two German teams competing for a spot in the main draw on Tuesday, November 8. Their win against the Spanish team was a follow up to their earlier 2-0 win over Singapore’s Ang Hui Ying & Hazel Lim.

Their compatriots Sophia Neuß & Mareet Maidhoff earned a bye, and also clinched a 2-1 win against USA’s Alexa Fernandez and Sally Perez.

Both German pairs will face-off in the afternoon to decide which duo will advance to the next round of action.