Beach U21 World Championships 2021 - Competition Information

Working together with SAT, TVA will also facilitate the visa exemption for the participants, provided that the following documents are provided in full details by 20 November 2021

  • Passport copy for each participant (color copy)
  • Flight ticket
  • Vaccination Certificate (in English)
  • COVID-19 health insurance covering medical and hospital expenses engaged up to 50,000 USD

Important note: please make sure that you will provide the information to the organizer by the above deadline 20 November 2021. Organizer will not guarantee a visa exemption if the complete information is not submitted by the deadline.


Here is the general invitation letter from TVA.

In case you need the letter to feature detailed information of each respective participant, please kindly contact the following officer:

Name: Ms.JitaphaKorsanan

Phone: +669 2012 0226